Introductory Note to Notice

Notice misleading

I was given some options to get my Internet Sites back up and running: simply remove the material in question. Not a problem, right? Wrong. I was banned from using the FTP in my control panel and my FTP client. GoDaddy Corporation made it impossible for me to comply.

Also, the questioned material was on one Site. I had at least seven Sites hosted with GoDaddy Corporation. All my Sites were taken down. Furthermore, my email was blocked too. GoDaddy Corporation's unsociable behavior let me know not to trust them to do the right thing.

I have lots of complaints in regard to GoDaddy Corporation but I'm not going to cover them here. I will say that the idea struck me to purchase a domain to voice my complaints. I tried to purchase "" but it was unavailable. Know who owned it? GoDaddy. I tried to purchase but it was unavailable too. Know who owned it? GoDaddy. Seems the Corporation anticipated reactions to their stratagems and took steps to prevent anyone from being able to voice complaints effectively.

The material in question was found by me back 2002. I wrote and got permission to mirror the pages on my Site. I've had the pages up for around 10 years and didn't know I was violating any law.

Oh, one last bit of trivia, you don't read every "legal" agreement that you click on when you try to set up some software (such as your Microsoft OS) on your computer or on the Internet. No one does. It would take a team of lawyers to read and decipher every agreement the typical computer user "agrees" to. Besides, most "agreements" state the agreement can be changed by the Corporation at any time they so desire. So WTF is the sense of reading them anyway. I mean, sure, I skim over them; but that is about all I can do.

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