Dear Uncle Wayne!

You would not have had to sign the lettter or put your name on the envelope, because your signature was in the letter you wrote to me. I enjoyed your letter very much, and of course you know, am thankful for the mail.

I have given some of the things in your letter some thought, and to tell you the truth, I don't know if things would have been different if I would have made different choices, I'm sure they would have. I can tell you this on the free will thing though, it was not my will that got me to prison, and I'm sure you could tell PR to try the same thing with the rims and tires and see if his free will won't get him out of the Pea Farm.

I know this though. Anytime I used drugs, my life got screwed up, and anytime I got in any trouble it was because I was using drugs or trying to get some to use. So if I don't use drugs anymore things will get better, and they have already.

I have never been able to sucessfully quit and feel the way that I do now except through humbling myself and asking God for help, and for someone like myself, that has recked everything and everyone within reach to be the person that I am today. Praise the Lord! Because I was a reck. Don't get me wrong. I still think about different ways I could get over, and manipulate, but the help of the Holy Ghost reminds that, that is not what I truly want to do, because of the circumstances. Uncle Wayne, if that works for me and I never steal again or do drugs, isn't that just great.

I am going to write you another letter in regard to your questions.

I send you my love and prayers

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