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Free Educational eBooks

(For educational purposes only)

  1. Fully Caused /by Ken Batts
  2. The Lucertian swerve: The biological basis of human behavior and the criminal justice system /by Anthony R. Cashmore
  3. For the law, neuroscience changes nothing and everything /by Joshua Greene and Jonathan Cohen
  4. The Neurobiology of Love /by Tobias Esch & George B. Stefano (18 pg PDF)
  5. The neurobiology of love /by S. Zeki 5 pg PDF)
  6. Quotations: Rationality, Rhetoric, Skepticism & Logic /compiled by Laird Wilcox
  7. Quotations: Political & Social  Psychology & Behavior /compiled by Laird Wilcox
  8. Quotations: Propaganda, Persuasion, & Deception /compiled by Laird Wilcox
  9. Quotations: Fanaticism, Dogmatism, & Ideological Thinking /compiled by Laird Wilcox
  10. Quotations: The Writer’s Rights /compiled by Laird Wilcox
  11. Crime: Its Causes and Treatment /by Clarence Darrow
  12. The System of Nature, Volume 1: Laws of the Moral and Physical World /by Baron D'Holbach
  13. The System of Nature, Volume 2: Laws of the Moral and Physical World /by Baron D'Holbach
  14. The Critical Period Hypothesis Revisited /by Christo Moskovsky
  15. PsychologicalAcceptance: Experimental Analyses and Theoretical Interpretations /by Dermont Barnes-Homes, et  al.
  16. An Introduction to Relational frame Theory: Basics and Applications /by John T. Blackledge
  17. Why Psychology Hasn’t Kept Its Promises /by Henry D. Schlinger
  18. The Almost Blank Slate: Making a Case for Human Nurture /by Henry D. Schlinger
  19. HOW THE HUMAN GOT ITS SPOTS: A Critical Analysis of the Just So Stories of Evolutionary Psychology /by Henry D. Schlinger, Jr.
  20. TheNeural Basis of Love as a Subliminal Prime: An Event-related Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study (very technical) (13 pg PDF)
  21. Problem-Solving Courts /by the Center for Court Innovation
  22. The Lying Truths of Psychiatry /by Thomas S. Szasz (19 pg. PDF)
  23. Defending Hard Incompatabilism Again /by Derk Pereboom
  24. The Golden Bough: A study of magic and religion /by Sir James George Frazer (single HTML document, 2,389,525 bytes zipped to 868,954 bytes)
  25. Good Sense /by Baron Paul Henri D'Holback (1772) - 83 page PDF
  26. Secular Web Library (Offsite)
  27. Project Gutenberg (Offsite)
  28. LibriVox Audio Books (Offsite)
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